El mundo sonríe conmigo
No soy perfecta, verás; soy un caos. Soy esa chica que cuando esta callada comunica todo con la mirada, la que busca que la conquisten, la detallista. La que te hablará de libros, escritores, música, aliens y películas extrañas mientras te prepara café. La chica que también llora de vez en cuando, frágil como una rosa que intenta ser fuerte. Soy esa, la que entrega su corazón siendo lo más preciado. La que te amará profundamente, como el primer amor.
Mel, 21.
"You, future love of my life, are waking up early to go to work or school or probably training. Every night you go to bed and you don’t dream of anybody. You have no idea how you make me vibrate every time I only imagine yourself. Once I asked a guy to kiss me just because we had remained silent, but when I’ll be with you, I will not be afraid of the sound lack and I will enjoy ourselves while I stare at your lips and say nothing. My love, whenever we meet, let’s go to a place where we do not know what time it is, Let’s talk until we forget what day it is, let’s eat and delight ourselves until we cannot remember what month it is; because today the numbers and dates, silence and conversations seem to me to be so not transcendental, I want you to show me that although they are just little things, they could be so valuable with you. I cannot help feeling that I waste my time sitting in a bar with people who are not you. Last day, yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow I will wake up without any desire, I’ll brush my teeth reluctantly, unwillingly I’ll have a shower, I’ll go to school reluctantly, I’ll eat reluctantly, I’ll sleep without any desire. I know a woman who lived half alive and the only person that she sort of loved was her husband. I do not want that. I don’t want to stay with someone who excites me until sex becomes boring and finish as two strangers who don’t know very well anymore in the bed next each other, wondering why the casket is so wide and why the hell are waking up the next day. When I wake up on our bed at early morning, I will be happy to see your chest rising and falling; I will hear you snoring, I might kiss you, or I will draw something on your face with a pen, or I’ll read my letters and notes to wake you up, or I will graze just with the corner of the sheet your skin to make you tickle and then, with my toes I will go on you slowly to travel your legs; I do not know, anything that is fun or exciting, to share a feeling and remind me that it’s been a good night because I spent it with you. You, love of my life, are not waiting for me, but we will meet soon soon and you will know that I am not the one you were looking for but the one just came. And it will seem coincidental, but I have already known that we would pitch upon and have known that was you, the love of my life. Welcome to my life."
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"¿Por qué espero una respuesta, si ni siquiera te he hecho la pregunta?"
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"Y cuéntame. A quien miras cuando cierras los ojos."
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"Quiero que ames mis defectos, mis errores y mis silencios; que suspires por mis miedos y te apasiones de lo que yo realmente soy"
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"No quiero celos ni amor enfermo sólo momentos que sean eternos."
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"Desordéname el cabello, la cama, la vida."
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